Immunity System- The Natural Defense of Our Body

As we all know that immunity is referred as a condition which protects our body from diseases and infections. It is a bodily system to defend our body from foreign substances, cells and tissues. During these difficult times of corona virus breakdown, many of the people are in search for boosting immunity which can protect them from random infections.

Building immunity is a complex and lengthy process where tissue, cells and organs work alongside each other, but is not impossible. During these pandemic times we have got an opportunity to adopt some healthy habits and leave the bad one. One can take care of their immunity and boost it with some of the healthy tips as mentioned below.

First of all, you should sleep properly because it is the time when your body gets recovered, making your immunity get stronger. Have at least seven to eight hours of sound sleep and after that it is good to go for a morning walk in a park and doing a little exercise which boost the immunity. But heavy exercise sometimes weakens the immunity, so it’s better to do light exercises like yoga, stretching and meditation which is great for mental health.

We should adopt healthy habits and includes a healthy and balanced diet in your daily life. We can  includes vitamin rich vegetables and fruits which are rich source of vitamin A, C, D and minerals that supply nutrients to our body and increase immunity power.

And the most important thing is to stay hydrated. If we don’t drink water it leads to lack of water in the body and the nutrients will not reach at the body parts which are most needed. So drink lots of water to make sure nutrients reach out every part of the body which leads to increase in the immunity power system.

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