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Food is the essential part of our life. Everyone is fond of eating; but eating a healthy diet is more important.  We know that non-vegetarian food is more beneficial than vegetarian foods as the non vegetarian foods are rich in calcium, phosphorous, protein and vitamin B12 which are very important for bone and blood.

The high quality non-vegetarian diet includes proteins and fats that help you to increase your strength and grow faster. We should include the high-quality source of meat in regular diet to provide sufficient proteins. Discarding these non-vegetarian foods from your diet can give rise to deficiency of vitamins and minerals in your body and lead to many health problems like fatigue, depression and sleep disorders and slow recovery from diseases.

So to maintain good health proper intake of balanced diet is necessary that can be done by adding non-vegetarian food in your diet plan. There are varieties of delicious recipes for non-veg that are made from meat, poultry and seafood suitable for every occasion.

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How To Make The Perfect Restaurant Styled Food At Home?

Deccan Festival, Hyderabad: The Culture of Telangana.

Deccan festival: The Deccan festival is the 5 day long festival that is celebrated on 25th of February every year up to 1st of March at Qutub Shahi Tombs. It is one of the most popular events of Andhra Pradesh.   Every year the tourism department of Andhra Pradesh organizes the Deccan festival well known as the soul of Hyderabad; since it represents the tradition and culture of the Hyderabad City.

The five days festival is a great opportunity for many talented artists to show case their work in arts, crafts, music and dance. The whole city comes out with beautiful colors during the festival. The main purpose of celebrating this festival is to keep the tradition of Hyderabad culture alive.

The cultural programs during the festival include Gazal nights, Musaira and Qawwali. Many famous musicians and artist from all over the world come to the city to perform and show their talents in

Gazal:  The ghazal is a short poem consisting of rhyming couplets, called Sher or Bayt. Most ghazals have between seven to twelve shers.

Musaira:  It is an evening social gathering at which Urdu poetry is read to describe an event and perform their work.

Qawwali: A kind of Muslim devotional music especially among the sufis.

The main features of the Deccan festival are arts, crafts, appetizing food, exciting cultural performances and lots of shopping. Also huge numbers of stalls are arranged at the fair selling radiant pearls of all varieties, multi colored bangles, accessories and jewelries. Hyderabad offers the best Nawabi cuisine to the visitors. One can make use of Food Panda Coupons to enjoy the best Hyderabadi biryani; the one city is most famous for and there are many more delicious foods available.

The Deccan festival is an effort to preserve the cultural heritage of India. One can have the best experience of the Incredible India.